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Technostart is the social media expert providing unique yet beneficial social media marketing strategies to promote and grow your business and brand. Adding to social media marketing, we provide the SEO services.

Our social media marketing is done varied platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Today, social media marketing has become an essential aspect in digital marketing.


Technostart as a social media expert provides beneficial social media marketing strategies on various platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Instagram and more, making an eye striking online presence.

Our social media marketers are experienced and well aware of viewers needs based on trends, what viewer wants and more.

Facebook Marketing Services-

As a social media marketing expert, Technostart manages Facebook marketing services to make a brand and raise the business, to engage with the audience and build a lasting relation with the audience.

OWe help in generating more leads and sales with social media management and social media marketing services.

Instagram Marketing Services-

Technostart as a social media marketer believes that Instagram marketing plays an important role in digital marketing.

It can create brand awareness and makes it more user friendly and relatable to the audience. Social media marketing helps to stay connected to the viewers.

Technostart aims to generate more leads and profits as a social media management expert.

LinkedIn Marketing Services-

LinkedIn is platform for all scales of businesses to promote and mark a recognition on the internet. It is primely focused on making the business and targeting audiences.

It attracts followers by getting your updates in front of people.

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We are #1 Digital Marketing Company In Pune, India


We have a enthusiast team with excellence skills for achieving tasks ahead of time.


We create modern designs with techniques, keeping cliental needs in mind.


We at Technostart are easy to reach out and give immense support.
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Social media marketing campaigns usually centre around: Establishing a presence on major social media platforms, Creating shareable content and advertisement and Gathering customer feedback through the campaign via surveys and contests.
Social media marketing is considered as a more targeted type of promoting and advertising therefore it is believed to be very effective in creating brand awareness.

Social media,

  1.   when compared to other marketing mediums, is different in several fundamental aspects.

  2.   social media platform is a place where the consumers as well as ‘would be’ consumers are actively exchanging information, sharing experience, giving their opinion and reviews based on their experience.

  3.   Persuading guests to contribute substance to your site

  4.  social media platform is spread all over the world.

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